PBX Integration

In the early days of CMA’s development, Client Support Software integrated call log reporting with Comdial and NEC phone systems. Outgrowing the limitations of the NEC PBX, we researched VOIP systems. After receiving quotes exceeding $60,000 for basic functionality on VOIP PBXs, we began experiments with a then beta version of Asterisk. We quickly saw the power and flexibility of this software. We were able to create Hybrid PBX systems that used traditional T1 circuits and combined them with VOIP providers. We deployed the Asterisk based PBXs for our Clients and saw immediate improvements in outbound call volumes and customer service. All the data needed to intelligently evaluate queue performance was easily accessible. Over the years, Asterisk has helped transform the modern Telephony industry. Client Support Software has experience integrating¬†Asterisk since version 0.9. Asterisk is now on version 19.

An Asterisk based PBX makes the following possible:

  1. Integration of multiple branch office locations with seamless call routing and branch extension to branch extension dialing
  2. Remote extensions for remote employees
  3. Use of soft phones or hard phones
  4. CMA Call Log realtime import
  5. CMA Click-to-Dial integration
  6. Call recording playback within the CMA
  7. Dial new prospects immediately after submission of a web form

Client Support Software can upgrade your organization’s existing PBX to an Asterisk based system.

Call Log Report