Add Setting variables to generate Client Monthly Statements

There are two new Setting variables that can be used to generate Client Monthly Statement for Active Clients:



These work like the QUARTERLY variables. If a DocumentTemplateID is specified for DOCUMENTTEMPLATEID_DMA_MONTHLY_STATEMENT, that Template is generated on the 1st day of each month and appended to the Client’s Extranet Documents.

Similarly, if a DocumentTemplateID is specified for DOCUMENTTEMPLATEID_DMA_MONTHLY_STATEMENT_EMAIL, that Document is emailed to the Client.

If either of the Documents generate are blank, they are ignored. This can be used to only generate Statements for Client’s in certain States.

To only generate monthly statements for Client’s in Iowa, Indiana, and Michigan, the Document Template that contains the Monthly Statement can be wrapped by this conditional statement:

{if in_array($Client.clientAddressState, [“IA”, “IN”, “MI”])}



Statement Text goes here