PBX Hosting

6 Reasons to Choose Our Cloud-Based VOIP PBX Hosting

  1. Seamless Integration: Our cloud-based VOIP PBX hosting effortlessly integrates with the CMA, making your communication more efficient.
  2. Experience Matters: Our journey began with integrating call log reporting with Comdial and NEC phone systems. Since then, we’ve evolved and embraced Asterisk. With over two decades of experience in integrating Asterisk (from version 0.9 to version 20), we know what works best for your organization.
  3. Connect Branches: Link multiple office locations with seamless call routing and extension-to-extension dialing, bringing your team closer together.
  4. Remote Work Ready: Equip remote employees with remote extensions for ultimate flexibility.
  5. CMA Enhancements: Enjoy real-time CMA Call Log import, Click-to-Dial integration, and call recording playback within the CMA.
  6. Instant Outreach: Dial new prospects immediately after they submit a web form, keeping your sales pipeline fresh.

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