Changes – 2024 Q1

Welcome to our quarterly blog post where we outline the significant enhancements, updates, and changes introduced in VERSION 24Q1. Our continuous effort to improve our platform has led to numerous additions and improvements that aim to enhance functionality, increase efficiency, and improve the overall user experience. Here’s a comprehensive summary of what we’ve achieved in the past quarter:

Major Additions

  • Client Forms: A significant leap forward in custom data management, allowing the storage of custom data using JSON. This addition is aimed at providing a flexible solution for capturing and storing client-specific information in a structured format.
  • Appointment Tasks with User Availability Schedule: We’ve introduced a sophisticated system to manage appointment tasks, which now incorporates user availability schedules. This feature ensures that appointments are scheduled efficiently, taking into account the availability of the involved parties.


We’ve made several updates to our technology stack and integrated tools to ensure our platform runs smoothly and securely. Notable updates include:

  • Updates to PHP, including the new PHP 8.3.4, ensuring our platform is running on the latest, most secure PHP versions.
  • jQuery updated to version 3.7.1.
  • Fullcalendar updated to version 6.1.11, enhancing our calendar functionalities.
  • ACE editor updated to version 1.32.8, providing an improved code editing experience.
  • Chart.js updated to version 4.4.1, ensuring better and more versatile charting capabilities.
  • Updates to PEAR packages, including Mail 2.0.0 and Mail_Mime 1.10.12, enhancing email functionalities.
  • Updates to front-end libraries including @tabler/core and @tabler/icons-webfont, bringing new features and icons to the user interface.
  • Other updates include htmldoc 1.9.18, qpdf 11.9.0, and Smarty 4.5.1, each contributing to improved document processing and template management.


Changes this quarter span across various aspects of our platform, from error handling and user interface improvements to backend logic enhancements. Highlights include:

  • Enhanced error handling capabilities, particularly for Peregrin errors, improving the platform’s stability and reliability.
  • A series of user experience improvements, such as adding dynamic headers to Manager Reports, and refining the paperwork process.
  • Significant backend updates, including migrating from PHP 8.2.x to PHP 8.3.4, to ensure compatibility and take advantage of the latest PHP features.
  • Changes aimed at improving user interface and interaction, such as adding logic to register Smarty classes and functions, fixing SQL errors, and improving the layout and functionality of reports and forms.
  • Numerous fixes and enhancements targeting specific functionalities, such as Client Budget, Client Doc management, and Appointment Scheduling.

This quarter’s updates underscore our commitment to providing a robust, efficient, and user-friendly platform. We’re excited about the positive impact these changes will have on our users’ experience and look forward to continuing to evolve and improve in the coming quarters.

Stay tuned for upcoming changes in 2024 Q2 as we add further integration between Task workflows and AI analysis/feedback.