Changes – 2023 Q4

Welcome to our 23Q4 software update summary! This quarter, we’ve introduced several major additions and updates, alongside various changes that aim to enhance user experience and system efficiency. Let’s dive into the highlights.

Major Additions

Enhanced Document and Extranet Package Management

We’ve overhauled our Document and Extranet Package Management system for improved usability and flexibility. This refactor provides a more intuitive interface for managing documents and extranet content, ensuring that users can easily navigate and utilize these features.

Deluxe Check Disbursement Batching

A significant addition this quarter is the support for disbursement batching into a single Deluxe Check. This feature streamlines the payment process, allowing for more efficient fund distribution and reduced processing times.

Refactored Client Budget Support

The Client Budget system has been refactored to include comprehensive support for income, deductions, and CoApplicant details. This update ensures a more detailed and accurate representation of client financial situations, enabling better budget planning and management.

Peregrin API Integration

We’ve introduced support for the Peregrin API accountStatus refresh, enhancing our system’s ability to remain synced with current account information. This integration ensures that account statuses are up to date, providing accurate data for decision-making processes.


This quarter, we’ve updated several core components and libraries, including FreeBSD 14.0, Apache 2.4.58, PHP 8.2.14, MySQL 8.0.35, and many more. Noteworthy updates include the ARMv6.0.2 SDK, the GPT4-Turbo 128K model, and various frontend libraries like Bootstrap 5.3.2 and Chart.js 4.4.0. These updates ensure that our platform remains on the cutting edge, offering robustness, security, and the best user experience.


We’ve made a series of changes aimed at refining existing features and addressing user feedback. Some of the notable changes include:

  • qpdf and PHP Updates: The qpdf library was updated to 11.7.0, and PHP to 8.2.14, ensuring compatibility and security.
  • Enhancements to Client and Creditor Views: New columns and filters were added to improve data visibility and navigation.
  • Document Template Refinement: DocumentTemplate types were renamed, and the unused documentTemplatePath field was removed, streamlining the document management process.
  • Initial Support for Peregrin API: Beginning 2023.12.18, we started supporting Peregrin API accountStatus refreshes, marking a significant step towards improved data accuracy.
  • Interface and Usability Improvements: Updates were made to the user interface, including migration to Bootstrap 5.3.x and enhancements to report views.

Stay tuned for more updates as we continue to evolve and enhance our platform to meet and exceed the expectations of our users. Thank you for your ongoing support and feedback, which play a crucial role in shaping our product’s future.