Peregrin API AccountStatus Refresh

We are happy to announce an enhancement to our Client Support Software. Our CRM now supports the integration of Peregrin’s API AccountStatus refresh, a feature that promises to streamline your financial data management and improve the accuracy of your account status information.

How to Activate This Feature

To take advantage of this new capability, you will need Peregrin API keys. We understand the importance of a seamless setup process. Therefore, we encourage you to reach out to us. Our team will handle the request for these keys on behalf of your organization, ensuring a smooth and efficient integration. There is no additional cost for utilizing this functionality either from Client Support Software or Peregrin.

Utilizing the AccountStatus Refresh

Once this feature is activated, you can easily update Creditor records that are linked through Peregrin. You simply need to input the Peregrin Creditor ID or enter ‘1’ to enable the functionality.

Upon activation, a new Peregrin Refresh link will automatically appear next to eligible ClientCredit records within the DMA/Creditors tab of our CRM. This link is your gateway to up-to-date financial data.

The Peregrin Refresh Link – Keeping Your Data Current

By clicking on the “Peregrin Refresh” link, you can initiate a balance update for your ClientCredit records. This feature is particularly valuable because if the information provided by Peregrin is more current than the data already in the system, the ClientCredit record is automatically updated with the latest balance information.

We are committed to continuously improving our services and offerings to meet your evolving needs. We look forward to seeing how this update will positively impact your organization’s data management processes.

For any questions or assistance in activating this feature, please do not hesitate to contact us.