Integrating GPT-4 Turbo 128k

The integration of OpenAI’s GPT-4 Turbo 128k model into Client Support Software’s CRM system marks a technical advancement in handling customer interactions. This model allows for the processing of longer call transcriptions, which is particularly useful for organizations that require detailed records for compliance and monitoring purposes.

For ISO call recording monitoring, the CRM’s ability to process and analyze lengthy call transcriptions in full helps businesses ensure that their customer service complies with ISO standards without having to manually review recordings.

In the realm of financial counseling, the CRM now aids in generating NFCC detailed notes from calls, which can be used for maintaining compliance and for reference in subsequent counseling sessions.

Calls can be analyzed to provide detailed and helpful feedback to counselors after they have completed a counseling call.

Housing counseling services, which often involve complex conversations, can benefit from the CRM’s summarization capabilities. This tool condenses long calls into concise summaries, thus streamlining the review process for counselors.

The GPT-4 Turbo model’s key attributes include a larger memory span, which gives it the ability to process much larger text summaries, up to around 1/2 million characters. This unlocks the ability to create a DocumentTemplate in the CMA with full customer history and utilize GPT to perform multiple kinds of previously unavailable analysis. The turbo version is much faster than the previous version of GPT-4, reducing wait times for analysis to complete and increasing productivity.

We are excited to see how you will use these new capabilities as we continue to enhance the tools available for you in order to provide outstanding financial counseling to consumers.