Changes – 2023 Q3

Excited to announce the latest round of updates and enhancements, which brings new features, important fixes, and other changes to ensure smooth and efficient functionality. Below is a comprehensive breakdown of the recent modifications.

Feature Additions:

  • New Reports and Columns:
    • Added Spinwheel Usage Report.
    • Added links to view Sent and Returned RPPS DMP records within the Client Credit page.
    • New Creditor column: Date Last ClientCredit Created added.
    • Added Last Clear Payment column to Client Balances report.
    • Added ‘Date Opened’ column to the LMA/Creditors tab.
  • New File and Format Support:
    • Support for new file types in ClientDocs (heic, heif) added.
    • Added ACH Return CSV file format for Seacoast Bank.
  • Additional Features:
    • New feature to show multiple matches message during the ClientCredit Automatch process.
    • Improved billerID Automatch tool for better handling with Chase and Bank of America.
    • Added CoApp emails to Client/Email Activity section.
    • Enhanced Call Queue with new dispositions and filters.
    • Added ‘Show num ClientTask Links’ filter to Task Management report.
    • Added CoApp and CoID columns in various views and reports.


  • Error Resolutions:
    • Fixed Manager Report error related to client’s timezone determination.
    • Fixed error in Custom Reports and Automatch BillerIDs.
    • Fixed issue with recomputation of $Totals variable.
    • Fixed errors related to ClientTask and CMAForm formatting.
  • Logic Corrections:
    • Closed Spinwheel accounts with a balance are not automatically marked as Charged Off.
    • Corrections in Spinwheel class, Creditor name formatting, and Spinwheel account status determination.
  • User Interface Adjustments:
    • Checkbox in ACH Batch is hidden when Routing Number is invalid.
    • Resolved issue with display of Balance information in Client/Creditors tab.


  • Software Updates:
    • PHP updated to 8.2.11
    • htmldoc updated to 1.9.17
    • netpbm updated to 11.03.05
    • MySQL updated to 8.0.33
    • Smarty updated to 4.3.2
  • Logic Updates:
    • Updated Spinwheel and Equifax Credit Report import logic.
    • Updated Call Queue and Client/Creditors display and functionality.
    • Enhanced Manager Report layout and columns.
  • Other Updates:
    • Updated ClientSpinwheelID and Spinwheel API.
    • Updated CSP Stats section and various other fields and sections for improved performance.

Other Changes:

  • Functionality Enhancements:
    • Removal of certain system tasks and requirements for smoother operation.
    • Adjustment in Client/Creditors and Payment views.
    • Enhancements in Task Management and Manager Reports.
    • New logic for handling Closed Leads and Spinwheel leads.
  • Synchronization:
    • Sync with TotalCommon for various updates.
    • Util::getDurationIntervals() updated to accept more values.
  • Miscellaneous:
    • Added description to Client/Include in Payment Batch field.
    • Adjusted SMS message sending times according to the client’s timezone.
    • Enhanced support for SIP Endpoints and WebRTC phones.

Thank you for your continued support and feel free to reach out with any questions or concerns about the latest updates!