Summary of Changes for 2022 Q4

Many minor changes and enhancements have been made to the CMA during Q4. Details are available in the internal CMA Changelog. 

The following is a list of relevant changes:

  • PHP 8.1 compatibility and minimum requirement
  • Update HUD reference data to May 2022 version
  • Client fields display CHANGED when any of the address fields are modified
  • remove ZipWhip integration since service is now retired
  • add HUD validation for 9902 required fields (highlight the fields in orange)
  • enhance Twilio SMS reporting within CMA by adding error codes
  • new Payment records default to the Client’s selected Payment Type
  • add ClientCredit Original Due Day field in the LMA & DMA
  • add Campaign fields to Call Log Detail Report to improve LMA Lead Source reporting
  • allow the use of the Lead specified current Monthly Payment dynamically compute minimum payment APR
  • enhance the information that is retrieved from Credit Report pulls
  • Credit Report Pulls will now populate relevant Budget items automatically

Summary of Changes for 2022 Q3

Many minor changes and enhancements have been made to the CMA during Q3. Details are available in the internal CMA Changelog. 

The following is a list of relevant changes:

  • A new Task Job allows automated daily creation of Tasks based on the evaluation of a SQL statement.
  • Update HUD module to meet ARM6 V15.2.6.1 spec
  • Payroll PTO rule entry is simplified
  • Document Template Management views now show references to other documents to simplify management of included documents
  • Add additional tables to the AuditLog
  • Addition of more HSCP related fields to HUD module
  • Add further validation logic when submitting HUD 9902 Report
  • Simplify FairShare logic at the Creditor level

Summary of Changes for 2022 Q2

Many minor changes and enhancements have been made to the CMA during Q2. Details are available in the internal CMA Changelog.

The following is a list of relevant changes:

  • The US zip code database has been updated to the latest version released on 2022.03
  • Extranet Package Management and views have been updated to provide more information and make management easier.
  • The LMA Paperwork Report is now linked with the Task Status report to provide greater insights into the types of paperwork that have been completed.
  • Housing Mean Data has been updated to the latest 2022 values which is used when running reports
  • Remote logins to the CMA automatically update PBX firewall rules
  • Add new Federal Holidays to the Holiday table
  • Twilio integration has been enhanced
  • Update Extranet Digital Signatures generated by the CMA
  • When a Lead changes address State, display a table summarizing changes to the Fee Schedule.
  • Update RPPS Code descriptions based on latest updates
  • Add HSCP specific fields to HUD module
  • Improve User management views to provide more information
  • General report cleanups and optimizations

Ability to not charge NSF Fees based on Creditor

There is a new System Setting: NSF_FEE_EXCLUDE_CREDITORIDS that allows listing CreditorIDs for which NSF Fees should not be charged.

When importing the ACH failures, if a Client has an OPEN account that is associated with one of the CreditorIDs specified in NSF_FEE_EXCLUDE_CREDITORIDS, the following message is displayed “An OPEN Creditor prevents NSF Fee” and no NSF Fee is generated.

Support for Custom SQL Reports

The ability to add Custom SQL Reports has been added. The reports can be created under System Management/Document Template Management. There, select Type = SQL. Only SELECT queries can be executed. To display in the Navigation pane, select the Application. To further limit access by group, provide values to Access Groups and only members of those groups will have access to the reports.

HUD Approved CMS

Client Support Software’s CMS is now a HUD approved CMS able to submit electronic 9902 for the latest ARMv6 specification. Support for multiple Agencies allows multi-state submissions. Combined with seamless integration with other industry products such as Debt Management, Bankruptcy, and Student Loans, Client Support Software’s CMA offers a complete hosted solution for managing Housing Clients in need of assistance.

CallLog records can be associated with a Campaign

A Campaign Phone can now be specified.

If set, when a CallLog record is imported, the CMA will look up the most recent Campaign whose phone matches the CallLog DID. When the CallLog is linked with a Client, if the Client Campaign is empty or the default 1, the Client’s campaign is updated.

CallLog Detail report and the Campaign report have been updated to display new columns.

Default Bank Algorithm and NSF Fees

There is a new Setting key: NSF_FEE_STATE_FIELD which allows specifying which field is used to determine NSF fees that are applied when importing an ACH Failure file. Either clientAddressOrigState (the contract state) or clientAddressState (the client’s current state) can be specified.

There is a new Company field that allows selection of the Default Bank Algorithm to use when determining which Bank payments should be linked with.

Default Bank AlgorithmDescription
DefaultThe State Default Banks rule is ONLY applied if both the clientAddressOrigState and clientAddressState match. (If the Contract state matches the Client’s current address)
OriginalStateApply rules based on clientAddressOrigState (the Contract Address State)
CurrentStateApply rules based on clientAddressState (the Client’s current Address State)

Accounting Enhancements

Based on feedback, several small changes have been made to improve the Accounting experience. Many of the smaller changes are listed within the CMA internal Changelog.

Notable changes include:

  • The Client Payment and Disbursement tabs can be exported to a CSV file.
  • Filters have been added to the Disbursement tab for dates and to collapse fairshare. Collapsing fairshare displays gross, fairshare, and net columns for the primary Disbursement record.

Default view:

Collapsed FairShare view:

  • In addition, when a failed Disbursement is imported via a Check Return file or RPPS Return file and it is associated with a Cleared FairShare record, the system now automatically creates a Payment record of type Operating Account Credit in the amount of the Cleared FairShare. This allows the Client funds to be balanced and simplifies the process of dealing with this scenario.

ACH File Generation Updates

ACH files now support batching multiple sub-accounts within the same Financial Institution (Bank) in one NACHA file. Sub Accounts can be linked with a Parent Bank under System Management/Banks.

The DMA ACH Batch can now include LMA Payments so that only one ACH file needs to be created. This is accomplished by setting the Company filter to Any and the Include LMA filter to Yes.