Summary of Changes for 2022 Q4

Many minor changes and enhancements have been made to the CMA during Q4. Details are available in the internal CMA Changelog. 

The following is a list of relevant changes:

  • PHP 8.1 compatibility and minimum requirement
  • Update HUD reference data to May 2022 version
  • Client fields display CHANGED when any of the address fields are modified
  • remove ZipWhip integration since service is now retired
  • add HUD validation for 9902 required fields (highlight the fields in orange)
  • enhance Twilio SMS reporting within CMA by adding error codes
  • new Payment records default to the Client’s selected Payment Type
  • add ClientCredit Original Due Day field in the LMA & DMA
  • add Campaign fields to Call Log Detail Report to improve LMA Lead Source reporting
  • allow the use of the Lead specified current Monthly Payment dynamically compute minimum payment APR
  • enhance the information that is retrieved from Credit Report pulls
  • Credit Report Pulls will now populate relevant Budget items automatically