Data Migration

With our trusty Client Support Software’s Migration Tools, we’ve got you covered! Already on board are classic Debt Industry CRMs like CreditSoft, CPR, PrimeDebtSoft, DebtLogic, and Brainard. We’ve also migrated several proprietary systems.

No existing Migration Tool for your platform? No problem! We’ll craft one just for you. All we need is a database backup and your valuable input. And, we’ll make sure you’re all set before we launch the data to the CMA.

Here’s your exciting journey to CMA in 6 simple steps:

  1. Hand us your database backup and existing documentation (think of it as your boarding pass).
  2. Watch our Client Support Software engineers create a custom Migration Tool for you.
  3. Test-drive your data in a staging environment while we perfect the Migration Tool.
  4. Experience multiple test migrations with your latest data backups – it’s like a dress rehearsal!
  5. Give the green light once the Migration Tool passes all checks and approvals.
  6. Count down to the final migration on your go-live date! 

With a proven track record of migrating hundreds of thousands of client records and millions of payment/disbursement records, we’ll make your transition to CMA smoother than a spaceship gliding through space!

Data Migration Tool
Data Migration Tool