Data Migration

Migrating your data to CMA is a simple process. Client Support Software has existing Migration Tools for popular Debt Industry software including CreditSoft, DebtLogic, and Brainard. We have also migrated several proprietary systems.

If Client Support Software doesn’t have an existing Migration Tool for your software platform, provide a data dump and we’ll take care of the rest.

The migration process consists of the following steps:

  1. Provide a database dump of existing platform along with any existing documentation.
  2. Client Support Software creates a Migration Tool
  3. As the Migration Tool is in development, your data is available in a test environment to verify accuracy of the data.
  4. Migration Tool is optimized to transfer your data as quickly as possible.
  5. Multiple test migrations are performed prior to go-live date using your latest data dumps.
  6. Migration Tool passes final checks and approvals.
  7. Final Migration on go-live date.

Having performed several migrations consisting of tens of thousands of Clients and millions of Payment/Disbursement records, our experience will help you with a smooth transition.

Data Migration Tool
Data Migration Tool