Housing Management Application (HMA)

The Housing Management Application (HMA) is a state-of-the-art software system designed to effectively manage the process of performing Housing Counseling. This cloud-based solution has been specifically tailored to Housing Counseling Industry.

Watch a 10 minute Overview of the CMA which is the foundation for the HMA

The HMA offers a wide range of features, including:

  • Client Portal: Access to Statements, Digital Documents, Secure Messaging.
  • Document Management: Store and access Client docs – (PDFs, images, office documents). Provide Client access to digital documents via Client Portal.
  • PBX Integration: Click-to-Dial + Call Log reporting + Queue Status. (Compatible with Asterisk based systems such as FreePBX)
  • SMS: Optional integration with Twilio to send/receive automated and conversational text messages.
  • Document Template System: Facilitate email and package customization.
  • Accounting: Manage Client Balances with Payments and Disbursements. Store ACH and Credit Card information. ACH Generation and Import.
  • Payroll: Includes session calendar to keep track of employee hours.
  • Credit Report Integration: API pull, reporting, and merging with TransUnion and Equifax.

Client Support Software’s HMA is a HUD approved CMS able to submit electronic 9902 for the latest ARMv6 specification. Support for multiple Agencies allows multi-state submissions. Combined with integration with other industry products such as Debt Management, Bankruptcy, and Student Loans, the HMA offers a complete hosted solution for managing Housing Clients in need of assistance.

The HMA is offered as a full-service hosted, cloud-based solution.

The HMA is the perfect solution for Housing Counseling. It allows you to track Housing specific data, compute Debt-to-Income ratios, Foreclosure Prevention data, Household data, Action Plan recommendations, Follow-Up, Track Credit Scores, Track Fees, and Track Funding. With the HMA, you can easily manage your clients and provide them with the best possible service.

Pricing starts from $85/user/month. Please contact us for a demo to see if we can solution your Housing Counseling Agency’s technology.