Summary of Changes for 2022 Q2

Many minor changes and enhancements have been made to the CMA during Q2. Details are available in the internal CMA Changelog.

The following is a list of relevant changes:

  • The US zip code database has been updated to the latest version released on 2022.03
  • Extranet Package Management and views have been updated to provide more information and make management easier.
  • The LMA Paperwork Report is now linked with the Task Status report to provide greater insights into the types of paperwork that have been completed.
  • Housing Mean Data has been updated to the latest 2022 values which is used when running reports
  • Remote logins to the CMA automatically update PBX firewall rules
  • Add new Federal Holidays to the Holiday table
  • Twilio integration has been enhanced
  • Update Extranet Digital Signatures generated by the CMA
  • When a Lead changes address State, display a table summarizing changes to the Fee Schedule.
  • Update RPPS Code descriptions based on latest updates
  • Add HSCP specific fields to HUD module
  • Improve User management views to provide more information
  • General report cleanups and optimizations