Changes – 2023 Q2

Many changes and enhancements have been made to the CMA during Q2. Details are available in the internal CMA Changelog. 

Feature Additions:

  • Added Spinwheel User Profile and Liability Refresh support.
  • Updated design of Extranet.
  • Introduced support for custom endpoint for Whisper call recording transcriptions.
  • Introduced support for using oobabooga/text-generation-webui as an API endpoint for CallLog sentiment analysis.
  • Implemented Google Workspace Gmail messages display within the Client record.
  • Introduced Round Robin Lead Assignment.
  • Added DocumentTemplate Send To/Send From options.
  • Implemented formatting of call transcriptions for inbound voicemails.
  • Added Settlement Amount field to ClientCredit record when Hardship Indicator A or C is selected.
  • Enabled Task: Job Creation SQL to associate tasks with clientCreditIDs.
  • Introduced new System Setting: DMP_MIN_ACCOUNT_AGE_MONTHS that specifies the minimum account age for participation in a DMP.
  • Added new userPhone field to be used as the destination of DocumentTemplates sent via SMS.
  • Added round robin lead assignment functionality within Auto Import To Lead.
  • Added ability to view CallLog details through the EditCallLog form.
  • Added ability to store $Contract variables on the Extranet Contracts.


  • Fixed linking of CallLog records to Clients when more than one phone number matches.
  • Fixed computation of Program APR in Creditor Hardships when the hardship indicator has a null APR and specifies an APR Term.
  • Fixed Unread Message Count in the Client Portal.
  • Corrected the use of 0.00% APR in Creditor Hardships.
  • Fixed Client Balance Report: Payment Filter frequency when Monthly is selected.
  • Corrected processing of email attachments in jobs/ParseEmail.php.
  • Fixed parsing of email attachments emailed to CMA.
  • Fixed refererURLs when viewing the ClientTask Log.
  • Fixed Manager Report LMA CallLog Duration (minutes) for current Leads.
  • Corrected permissions for Global Report Filters.
  • Fixed formatting of names with special characters in Navigation search.
  • Fixed Phase TimeLine report filtering.
  • Fixed CallLog detail Ext Name filter when filtering by Agency.
  • Fixed saving of Report Filters as Global.


  • Added icons to actions and tabs throughout the system.
  • Enhanced the import process of Call Log records by cleaning WebRTC shadow extensions.
  • Enhanced LMANavigation to include agencyID (aID) column and advanced search functionality.
  • Updated description for Fax Transmission Status in the ClientCredit form.
  • Updated Find Inbound Caller to handle webrtc shadow extension prefixes.
  • Updated call icons in the Client record.
  • Updated Call Queue Report to display current dispositions.
  • Updated Payroll report to filter the Agency by the Client and not the User.
  • Updated DataRetentionCleanup.sql queries to include Clients without Payment or ClientLog records.
  • Updated the Deluxe specifications to truncate payee names in excess of 50 characters.
  • Updated CallLog report to allow filtering by any date range.
  • Migrated Extranet steps to use Bootstrap 5.3.

Other Changes:

  • Enhanced CallLog report and CallLog detail with additional filters, columns, and percentage breakdowns.
  • Improved the readability and functionality of various reports by adding new columns and filters.
  • Enhanced ClientCredit details with a more detailed explanation for “Date to Queue” field.
  • Improved functionality of Agency fields and calculations in the budgeting process.
  • Enhanced the transcription process with Whisper models to exclude consecutive lines of similar text.