Changes to Balance Verifications (CDVs)

Sending a Balance Verification (VR, CDV) no longer requires setting the Proposal Status to Queued. When the Proposal Reason is set to VR, the proposal is scheduled to go out with the next RPPS DMP Batch.

After the Balance Verification (VR) Proposal Status is transmitted, the Proposal Reason is automatically updated to PR.

Creditor Payoff Tasks are now generated 7 days after the last Disbursement was created. This allows sufficient time for the Disbursement to post to the Client’s Creditor account.

There is a new Task field called Trigger Balance Verification.

When set to Y, the creation of this task will set the associated ClientCredit record’s Proposal Status to VR if the ClientCredit Account Status is OPEN and it is linked with a DMP Biller that accepts CDVs. This initiates a Balance Verification via RPPS using a CDV. If the Proposoal Status is updated, the Task Due Date is changed to be at least 3 business days in the future to allow sufficient time for the CDV to be transmitted and to receive a response. If the Task is not linked with a ClientCredit record, then the Proposal Status for ALL OPEN ClientCredit accounts linked to the Client that are eligible are set to VR

A System Setting variable: EXCLUDE_BILLERID_FROM_AUTO_CDV has been added which contains a list of comma delimited BillerIDs that should not Trigger the Balance Verification. This list can be modified and should contain BillerIDs that return either a 0 balance or only return a balance based on account status.