CSP Multi-Tier Support

There is a new System Setting: IS_CSP_SUPPORTS_MULTIPLE_TIERS

If enabled:
– when sending a Lead package, the same tier is no longer required for CSP accounts
– any hardship indicator linked with the Creditor can be selected

Update CSP Stats

Stats for CSP Creditors displayed in the Standard Budget now include a total of Accepted Proposals with a first disbursement during the current month. This provides a more accurate percentage of accounts enrolled in a CSP Tier.

New Creditor Hardship functionality

Creditor Hardships are now specified at a Creditor level. If a Creditor does not have any Hardship records, a hardship indicator will not be selectable when editing a Client Credit record.

The new functionality allows specifying different parameters based on Creditor specifications.

CSP Tier Validation

Prior to sending Paperwork in the LMA, if a CSP Tier has been selected for at least one ClientCredit account, validation is performed to ensure that the correct Tier has been selected. If a Tier mismatch occurs, an error message is displayed indicating the Tier that must be selected.

This is useful if information is modified after selecting a CSP Tier.