Ability to set default Disbursement Bank

There is a new field in the Company record that allows selection of a default Disbursement Bank that is different from the Bank that is used to draft Payments and transmit Client ACH files. If no Bank is selected, the Default Bank is used for Disbursements.

Tasks can inherit Client Assigned To

Tasks can now be assigned to the User its Client is associated with. In the LMA, the Task will inherit who the Lead is assigned to. If this is a backend task, then it inherits who the Client is assigned to.

Add ability to assign Client records to Users

Similar to how Leads can be assigned to Users, Clients can now be assigned to Users.

Assignment can be performed via the Admin tab in the Client record or in bulk via the Manager Report.

Filters and columns have been added throughout DMA Reports including: All Clients, Client Balances, Search, Client Docs, Client Messages.

There is a new Assignment Report that displays the number of assignments per User by Client Phase.

There is a new DocumentTemplate variable called $UserBackend that contains the information of this user.

Task functionality remains unchanged for the DMA.

Payment Change Fee Action Shortcut

In order to improve the process of creating a Payment record for payment date change requests, a new shortcut has been added to the Client/Accounting/Payment tab.

The shortcut can be enabled if Payment Change fees are used by setting to System Setting variables:


The shortcut is not displayed for Clients residing in states listed in PAYMENT_CHANGE_EXCLUDE_STATES.

PaymentTypes can be Inactive

PaymentTypes can now be made inactive. Doing so will remove them from Payment Type drop downs in the CMA. Payment records linked with Inactive types will still display the correct Payment Type.

Credit Score storage change

All Credit Scores are now stored in a central location for both Clients and CoApps under a Client tab labeled FICO.

Previously Credit Scores were stored in three different locations:

  1. Client Budget section
  2. CoApp record
  3. Housing tab

All previous scores have been moved to the new table.

There is a new DocumentTemplate variable that stores all the scores named: $CreditScore

When a Credit Report is pulled, a new entry is automatically made into the CreditScore table so that a history of scores is retained.

Support for ACH WEB Transactions

Payment records can now specify the use of the WEB ACH SEC type. WEB can be manually selected when a Payment record is created. This helps facilitate pulling for one time transactions authorized via the extranet.

If no selection is made, Payment records default to the PPD SEC type.

Override RPPS CDA Program APR

Some Billers like Citi return a 0% Program APR with accepted proposals via the RPPS CDA record. The actual Program APR may be a non-zero value like 9.9%. This requires manually updating the Program APRs for relevant ClientCredit records.

A new field in the Creditor record now allows overriding returned CDA Program APRs that have a 0 value.

When Override RPPS Program APR when 0% is set to Yes, the value specified in DMP Program APR is used after a CDA record is received from RPPS.

DocumentTemplate editor updated with Ace

The DocumentTemplate editor has been replaced with Ace (https://ace.c9.io)

The editor now supports syntax coloring and theme selection. The editor styling has been changed to maximize usage of the current browser window size. Below are some sample screenshots showing the coloring and theme selection:

Client Tags

Client Tags are optionally available. To enable Client Tags, specify a list of Codes with a table of Client and a field of clientTag.

An example list of Tags:

When specified, a new drop down appears in the Client backend screen: Tag

When enabled, Tag filters and columns appear in the DMA/All Clients view and the DMA/Manager Report.

When Tag values 50 (Past Due) and 60 (Delinquent) are used, a nightly job automatically updates the Tag of active Clients with a past due payment between 1-15 days to 50: Past Due and Clients with a past due payment over 15 days to 60: Delinquent. To disable this functionality, do not use values 50 & 60.